Deno Andrews for Village Trustee

I met Deno Andrews shortly after I announced my own candidacy for Village Trustee in October 2016.

He too had decided to run for that same election and we met to determine if there were any ways we could work together in running for the Board, which had three open spots at that time.

Within the first few minutes, it became very apparent that this was a high-quality person whom I would happily align myself with, rather than view as a rival. To this day, I consider him a close friend and collaborative partner. While we disagree on some issues, we have a mutual respect that transcends any single point of view.

Deno and I are both life-long Oak Park residents with plenty in common. Despite not knowing each other prior to 2016, we grew up less than a mile away from one another and both graduated from OPRF.

While we have similar character traits such as being committed and passionate, Deno displays qualities that make him one of the more unique people I have ever gotten to know.

He has an intellectual curiosity that is unparalleled, as diverse a range of hobbies as one could have and is more willing to lend his time to help people than anyone I know.

Deno has embraced the role of Village Trustee like few that have ever held the role. Furthermore, his performance has been second to none.

  • He has had a willingness to engage and communicate on social media and embrace the pushback that is a consequence of that forum.
  • He has brought a level of smarts and preparedness to all meetings that elevate the quality of Board discussions and decisions.
  • He maintains a professional level of diplomacy and holds cordial relationships with all people that he encounters.
  • He serves as an enthusiastic ambassador for Oak Park to residents and non-residents.
  • He is immensely thoughtful in his decision-making and truly considers all points of view.

Simply put, I can give no stronger endorsement to Deno for a second term as Trustee. When Oak Park voters go to the polls on April 6th, 2021, I believe they will agree with this assessment and overwhelmingly elect him to a second term as Trustee.