Announcement Letter

Sunday, November 29, 2020

I am announcing my candidacy for Oak Park Village President.  

This decision is rooted in my belief that Oak Park is an exemplary community that should recognize our shared commitment to maintaining a Village that has provided a setting for all residents to thrive.  

We must remind ourselves that we have common cause, we share comon ground and if we allow common sense to prevail, we can build upon what we’ve inherited as we move in to the 2020s.  

My first term on the Village Board has been marked by decision-making that is rooted in a belief that the runaway tax burden is the biggest threat to Oak Park.  Furthermore, that municipal government has a specific purview and jurisdiction and it is not the role of local elected officials to moralize with taxpayer dollars and promote initiatives that are beyond the scope of municipal government.  I have strived to support Village staff in providing core services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  

To those ends, I believe I have been successful in my first term as trustee.  

In my view, Oak Park does not need a revolution from the Village Board table.  Those that seek to tear down systems fail to appreciate the value and complexity of Oak Park.  We are an exceptional community and obsessively focusing on negativity and imperfection is unproductive and divisive. This Utopian approach has the potential to greatly damage a community that has so much going for it.

My vision for Oak Park as it moves in to the 2020s is one of moderation.  The Village has been through a decade of change that has seen massive infrastructure projects, large-scale development, the expiration of three TIF districts and the divestment of Village-owned property.  

Oak Park has an opportunity to refocus its energy on the core functions of municipal government. Specifically, keeping the community safe, the tax burden low and property values rising.   The Village can continue its three-year trend of capping levy increases to 3%, ensure that our police are supported in reversing the trend of rising crime, encouraging economic development in all corners of the Village and rooting our decision-making in pragmatism and common sense.

This limited approach to municipal government will allow the Village to focus on its core functions and reaffirm our commitment to the aspects of this community that caused us all to make Oak Park our home.  

Thank you for taking the time to learn about my campaign and I hope to have your support on Tuesday, April 6, 2021.